Friday, July 16, 2010

Twin Falls

After a forever long ride to Twin, we hit the pool!

then we ate at IHOP and called it a night.

we meet all of Rick's family for breakfast at The Golden Corral
(where one tends to eat like a cow so you get your money's worth).

We checked out the new Twin Falls Temple

Next we went to see the Shoshone Falls

some of the many cousins

we then went to Dierkee's Lake
Rick making a quick change into swim shorts

This lake is pretty fun, they call this part the beach. The good swimmers can go over and jump off the cliffs and diving board on the other side of this mesh fence.

all cleaned up and ready to go the Grandma's 60th Birthday Party!

On our way out, I spotted these elk. They are real, we watched them move.
There are 4 in this picture one is lying down.

Rick brought back the loving feeling.

the birthday cake was a hit!

Gavin was caught eating the cake before it could make it to Grandma's house

Gavin loves Scobby Doo and was so excited to see this car.

We had a great time seeing everyone!
Happy 60th Birthday Diane!
We love you!

Hannah Batana turns 3

My baby turned 3!
Where does the time go?

We started the Birthday off with a room full of balloons
and Happy Birthday hugs and kisses!

next up was present time!
Hannah requested Santa paper.

So happy that her birthday is finally here!

The kids have been asking to go to Cowabunga Bay ever since they spotted it from the freeway last year! So we took them for Hannah's Birthday. They both really loved it!

They are yelling COWABUNGA!

We got home and finished the day with ice cream cake and friends!

Hannah getting the last of her birthday wishes before bed.

I love you Hannah Batana. So glad you're ours!

Friday, July 9, 2010



Tara aka:Rosalie was able to get me into a sneek peak the day before opening day!
This movie is the best one so far!

My group went a little late this year due to the 4th of July weekend.

Alyssa, Shari and Kim part of the wolf pack, Victoria, Sherami, Rochelle, Tiff,
Celest as Alice, Martie who got attacked by a wolf on her way to my house, Nicole, and Sherrie

We went of yogurt at Frogurt before the movie

I promise I am not obsessed with Twilight and I do not fantasize about Edward or Jacob.
I just love to have a great time with my friends and why not get dressed up at the same time?